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Muktinath Pilgrimage Tour


Muktinath Pilgrimage Tour

Muktinath is the combined form of the words “mukti” and “nath”. where “mukti” means “salvation or nirvana” and “nath” means “god or master”. Similarly, the Muktinath Pilgrimage Tour is a religious journey that leads you to the Muktinath Temple. Thus, it is indeed a sacred site for a spiritual journey to the Mustang Valley.

The Muktinath temple is located at the base of thorong-la pass at a height of 3,800m above sea level. Despite its topography, Muktinath is a gateway to the most well-known sacred sites in Nepal for both Hindus and Buddhists.

As a result, Muktinath is more visited by domestic tourists than international tourists. However, these days, the beautiful landscapes and terrain of Jomsom have also attracted international tourists as well.

Thus, Muktinath is a pagoda style design dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is the only temple where you can find both Hindu and Buddhist priests.

Muktinath Temple History

According to Tibetan Buddhism, Muktinath is regarded as one of the 24 Tantric sites. Furthermore, it is believed that the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, “Guru Rinpoche,” stopped here on his way to Tibet. in order to worship and call upon the eveil goddesses and dakinis.

In addition, the Muktinath shrine is one of the 108 most important Divya Desams of the Sri Vaishnava sect. The significance of the shrine varies slightly among Hindus.

As a result, the pilgrimage to Muktinath is suitable for all kinds of travelers, including hikers, researchers, believers, and tourists. In fact, the Muktinath pilgrimage is the finest escape in the Annapurna region during your stay in Nepal.

Muktinath 108 Taps.

The 108 taps of Muktinath are known as “muktidhara,” just like the temple. Similarly, each of Muktinath’s muktidharas stands at a height of seven feet. Like this, there is nearly any distance between the 108 faucets. They are arranged in a semicircle and have the shape of a bull’s head.

In actuality, the bull’s mouth constantly spews water. Meanwhile, visitors to the temple use each of these spouts to take a ceremonial bath. But because the water is so incredibly chilly, taking a holy bath here requires courage and desire.

Additionally, Hindus believe that soaking in this frigid water will result in salvation. As a result, Yar tang Mala, a Buddhist festival, is celebrated there during Jania Purnima.

Attraction of Muktinath Tour

  1. Mukti Kunda: There are two holy water pounds in front of the Muktinath Temple, “LaxmKunda.” It is said that soaking in these ponds will wash your sins away.
  2. Gomba : To the north of Muktinath Temple lies a monastery devoted to Guru Rimpoche, also known as Padmasambhava.
  3. Sri Murthy Mahatma : According to Buddhist and Hindu tradition, this is the only spot on earth where you can find all five elements. “Fire, water, sky, Earth, and air “together in one location, each different from the other.” This location is close to the Jwala Devi temple.
  4. Swaminarayan : Lord Shri Swaminarayan, Satguru of Sabij Yoga, is one of the Hindu Gurus associated with Muktinath.
  5. Shaligrama : Jurassic Park-era fossils were discovered in the Kaligandaki Ridge. This black stone is kept in the home’s prayer room as a representation of Lord Vishnu.
  6. Jomsom: The capital of mustang district and beautiful village in Annapurna circuit.

How to go to Muktinath Temple?

  1. By road only: If you’re planning a road trip to Muktinath, your journey will proceed as follows. Firstly, you’ll drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara (200 km – 6hrs). On the second day, you’ll head to Jomsom (170km – 9hrs) for an overnight stay. Lastly, you’ll drive from Jomsom to Muktinath and back accordingly.
  2. By road and flight: Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of combining your journey by road and flight. After that, you can either drive or fly to Pokhara from Kathmandu first. Then, you’ll be heading to Jomsom from there (10-20 min) on air. From there you can hire a jeep to Muktinath.
  3. By Helicopter (3 to 4 hrs): Likewise, your trip to Muktinath by heli will be completed in 3 hours from Kathmandu. Similarly, it will be completed in 1.5 hours from Pokhara.

Muktinath Pilgrimage Tour Highlights

  • 108 taps known as “Mukti dhara”
  • Scared pond known as “mukti kunda”
  • The mesmerizing Marpha valley
  • Explore the beauty of Jomsom
  • Witness the eye catching apple farms.
  • Visit the Hindu temple “Muktinath”.
  • Extend your trip to the hidden kingdom of “upper mustang”
  • Another alternative to extend your trip is the trek through the Annapurna circuit.
  • Enjoy the mountain vistas.
  • Experience the traditional thakali meal from the place of its origin.


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Muktinath Pilgrimage Tour

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